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I remember the first time my step daddy came in my room to bust me open.  I knew doing this with him might be a little wrong but since he was the adult I felt it was only right to go along with his demands.  He told me that sex with step daughter is the only way he can cum since he wasn’t into my mom as much anymore.  He made it very clear that the only reason he stuck around for so long was to get close to me.  I knew for a while that he was waiting until I was of age, but he couldn’t take it much longer.  I remember when he saw me in my cute pink princess panties and he started jerking off right in front of me.

I wasn’t that shocked but I was curious to see how a man would cum to his young step daughter.  Seeing all the nut flow from daddy’s dick excited me in a way that I never imagined.  I know you want to hear all of the dirty details about daddy fucking his step daughter, but I want you to hear my voice.

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